“Pat Clark is absolutely the BEST thing that happened to my wedding. She went absolutely above and beyond for me to make my day go off without a hitch, including coming in early, staying late, bringing her own decor, helping set up, setting up everything that didn’t get done and all the little details that would drive a bride to tears of she had to do it all herself! And Pat does it with a warm smile and a laugh that makes you feel like you’ve known each other your entire lives. She exudes calm while also knowing exactly how to tactfully choreograph every step of your day from the ceremony to the take down and all the little things you forgot about! She is truly a master in her field and I would swear to the day I die that there is no way anyone could be better in her field than she. If you do anything for your wedding-YOU MUST HIRE PATRICIA CLARK. If you want the wedding of your dreams to go smoothly whether is be a laid back BBQ wedding or a six figure wedding, she is the only woman you need to make your planning go smoothly! My wedding day was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing- and Pat Clark is the only reason I am able to say that! Thank you Pat, Patron Saint of wedding planners/coordinators/officiants, for helping me pull off such a wonderful wedding!!”

Autumn Frickle, May, 2015

You cannot go wrong with hiring Pat Clark. She was such an asset to our wedding day – emotionally and physically! I suffered from a small case of eh..hem.. “bride zilla syndrome” the day before our wedding where I thought I lost our marriage license. I literally freaked out – Pat calmed me down and explained to me that we could still get married and it wasn’t really a big deal! It was exactly what I needed to hear from the person I needed to hear it from. She was a huge help in the planning process – we had so many meetings, her office started to feel like a sanctuary. Any problem I had – I knew it would be solved by the time I left. That quality alone is priceless to any bride. She was a safe haven – having literally seen it all. I never heard the word “no” with Pat – more so a “how”. Some of my idea’s may have been a tad unrealistic, but she never told me. It was never a “no..that is to big”…it was a “Awesome! How can we get this done!”. I cannot say enough good things about this woman – If you are on the fence about hiring her, consider this your push over the edge! She is a wonderful woman and I am so blessed I get to consider her a friend after our wedding is over. You can sure bet I will be using just a small amount of her free time to discuss life in her safe haven of an office. :) We love Pat!

Kelly Armstrong, 2014

If you are planning a wedding or need an officiant, Pat is the person for you! She is so great at what she does and has such a vast knowledge on all things wedding! She was able to help us stay on the path we wanted for our wedding while also making sure we were relaxed and enjoying the process as much as possible. Pat is such a great officiant as well! She was able to help us put together a beautiful ceremony, and was able to sneak in a few surprises during our day that made it so memorable! She is so great at what she does and is such a positive person who makes sure you get the wedding of your dreams! We would absolutely recommend Pat (and do every chance we get) to anyone planning a wedding.

Andréa & Devin Scott, January, 2016

Pat –
We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make Devin and Andrea’s day so special!  From the organization, helpful hints, the words at the service, etc.  It was truly special.  You are excellent at what you do and we thank you.

Randy and Lynette Scott July, 2015

Dear Pat,
Thank you so much for all the hard work and support you gave my daughter on her wedding day. Everything was perfect! I will definitely recommend you to others!   It was a joy getting to know you and to see your passion in action.  God Bless you!

Debbie Kersten, (Anna’s mom) November, 2015

Local Wedding Vendors:
We are delighted to provide a list of local vendors from the Billings and surrounding area.  This list is certainly NOT complete, but is made up of as many vendors in the area as we could put together and many I work with.